Waterjet cutting, called waterjet, is an innovative technology that allows you to work any type of material with extreme precision, without causing structural alterations to the material itself.

The cutting takes place in cold, despite the high processing speed, thanks to the high pressure pump which generates a water jet at 4,150 bar.


  1. It allows you to perform work that traditional cuts cannot do on alloys and / or materials such as titanium, aluminum, copper, brass, cast iron, C45, ballistic steel, pre-painted materials, heat-resistant materials, etc.
  2. It has an accuracy of 0.05 m / m which is maintained even with increasing thickness.
  3. It maintains maximum precision even in curves and corners.
  4. It does not require a uniform and planar material surface.
  5. It does not produce hazardous waste.
  6. Avoid cracking of the pieces.
  7. It does not overheat the material and does not create neither the distortion nor the molecular variation of the same, which would force annealing for the new processing.
  8. It satisfies a vast area of production.